Lonely Game

by Kiana

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Lonely Game is the sixth track on the EP Co-Exist(s): Heart. Mind. Spirit. by K-I-ANA.



Verse 1:

i dont wan a get to fuckin know ya
lets just burn n sit in silence
put our thoughts on pilot
reminisin bout the good ole days when i
kicked back relaxed and did shit my way
but now I'm grown n I'm getting to the money
thes dudes aint got nun for me
but headaches allegations
opinions n smiling faces
but switch up when season change its not
its normal nowadays
i got my rain coat bring the rain
ill bring the pain
i dont wanna hear about no drama
save it for baby mama
I'm fresh i still pop my collar
I'm hot but my lyrics hotter
leave me alone with my music
we got this i do it
your selfish
ill prove it
you knew it
-i dont wanna get accustomed to ya
i just wanna get it over with lets do it lets do it
you aint even gotta stay
i aint tryna be your babe
i don't want no diamond ring
I'm just on my lonely game


Verse 2:

always on my lonely shit
got my eye stuck on the prize
all i do is win
i aint lookin for new friends
i won't smile barely grin
stay away from mr. looney bin
in his benz n all his crazy friends
every time he talks -
i hear is violins
no i won't make amends
spark a blunt n drink some hen
with me myself n i
forget the pain I'm getting high
tryna get me like a spy
i won't let in
see life through my lens
will i ever love again
well it all depends
i dont wanna be a sour puss
but nigga take me home
so i could write a song bout
games u played all along
you really have no sense of what is right and what is wrong
you aint shit like trey songs
this lonely shit never old


released July 31, 2016
Craig Dukes: Transparency Audio & Music Productions Audio Engineer



all rights reserved


Kiana California

My name is Kiana and I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. I am a young, female hip hop artist/ rapper and writer. I am working to achieve greater success in the music industry.
My EP Co-Exist(s): Heart. Mind. Spirit., has been released on July 31st, 2016. I am showcasing a range of styles in this current EP to give listeners an taste of who I am.
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