by Kiana

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Damn! is the seventh ands last track on the EP Co-Exist(s): Heart. Mind. Spirit. by K-I-ANA.


Verse 1:

fuck it i can't stand these mfkas all up in my bidness
what the fuck the deal is
smalls your killin me
I'm chasing dollas
your just chasing bitchesss
I hope your offending'
you cannot offend me
in this thang I'm looking pretty
no dry mout cause bitch I'm spitting
you rap niggas u must be kidding
y'all can't keep a rhythm
man i cannot blame you tho
i bame it on the shit you wrote
i blame it on the alcohol
im blunt
i blame it on this dro

fuck it I'm going lala loopsy
fuck grouping up i am no groupie
fuck giving up i am no loser
fuck do you want i am not listening
lalalala snahangins gone way too far
take a seat you aint that hard
carefully u better play the right card
cause damn


I'm on a roll I'm on a roll you know its true damn
im stuntin when I'm on the scene you wish its you damn

Verse 2:

verse 2 you know I'm back again
give me dap again
a rap attack again
good lord
won't turn my back again
say what
won't turn my back again
might get stabbed again
oh my
can't see the fucking ground
im high
I'm off beyond the sky

i met my fuckin daddy at a funeral
abused by a nigga that i used to know i used to love
peace out
not tryna hear your mouth
reborn again no doubt
do it like the sun rising up
do it like tommorw will never come (uh,uh)
they shoulda known I'm on to sumn greater
(sumn greater)
they shoulda known I'm boutta get my weight up
(get my weight up)
they shoulda known I'm seeking something better
(something better)
they shoulda known that here lies the treasure
(lies the treasure)
damn damn damn


released July 31, 2016
Craig Dukes: Transparency Audio & Music Productions Audio Engineer



all rights reserved


Kiana California

My name is Kiana and I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. I am a young, female hip hop artist/ rapper and writer. I am working to achieve greater success in the music industry.
My EP Co-Exist(s): Heart. Mind. Spirit., has been released on July 31st, 2016. I am showcasing a range of styles in this current EP to give listeners an taste of who I am.
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