Wave Ride

by Kiana

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Wave Ride is the third track on the EP Co-Exist(s): Heart. Mind. Spirit. by K-I-ANA.


ride the wave get out your feelings

Verse 1:

i ride the wave go with the flow
had some dollas but i want some more
met some clowns like a circ us show
i smoke a blunt n let mary go
i got the blueprint I'm a planner
smash this beat like I'm bruce banner
haters mad ill get them madder
hearing bout all sorts of chit and chatter
got me mixed up like some batter
climbing up the ladder
no silver spoon up on a platter
looking nervous whats the matter
pockets starving get em fatter
i will never say i can't
but i can't deal with the fake
I'm straight
why don't you ride my wave
I'm saying
quit playing
im not bey but I'm slayin
get in formation
if you aint riding I'm chucking the deuce
get out ur feeling got nothing to prove
standing on waves got nothing to lose


ride the wave get out your feelings

Verse 2:

get money
stop bitchin
stop talking
just listen
i want it
ill get it
you got it
I'm winning
sink or swim guess I'm swimming
pimp or hoe i guess I'm pimpin
the game
no tats
check stats
incline -207-
no drop
big moves
won't stop
I'm found
they're lost
more cheese too saucy
say what bitch you lost me
your rotting I'm flossy
stay afloat my waves get rocky
won't let a feeling stop me
so stop it
don't doubt me
can't live with or without me
your shallow
I'm too deep
your funny
I'm too weak
got fire
they can't leak
they can't speak
my waves man are too deep
leave emotions about a 100 feet


ride the wave get out your feelings


released July 31, 2016
Craig Dukes: Transparency Audio & Music Productions Audio Engineer



all rights reserved


Kiana California

My name is Kiana and I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. I am a young, female hip hop artist/ rapper and writer. I am working to achieve greater success in the music industry.
My EP Co-Exist(s): Heart. Mind. Spirit., has been released on July 31st, 2016. I am showcasing a range of styles in this current EP to give listeners an taste of who I am.
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